Sex Demons & Soul Ties: What are YOU Allowing Into Your Life?

Yes and A’men, just in the middle of explaining all this stuff to my Daughter, So Please, brothers and sisters in Christ, may you please pray for my Daughter, thank you, Shalom and blessings.


I saw this photo and status via a Facebook friend this morning on my break that read:

A must read for those who think sex demons are a joke. The only one laughing is the devil. U can be set free, but why go through needing deliverance, when it is better to ask the Holy Spirit to increase your discernment. IF u have already connected with or even married some one with this spirits, you both can be cleansed.

LADIES be careful of the Men you let into your heart and enter your body. Sex is not only a physical exchange– it is also a spiritual exchange. Sex is powerful and a direct pathway into your temple. Some of you can’t get over that low life of a man because the demons he carries within him still torment you spiritually. You KNOW in your gut that even though he looks…

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